The Night Girl Archives

  1. Perpetua's Angry Playlist
  2. Contemplating Failure, Seven Years Later
  3. Dealing with the Night
    (A Lost Night Girl Scene)
  4. Night Girl, Coming Soon...
  5. The Night Girl - My Fifth Published Novel
  6. Toronto Timelapse
  7. The Night Girl Acknowledgements
  8. What I've Been Writing Lately
  9. The Devil in the Green Dress
  10. Keeping Active
  11. Bumper Stickers that Do Not Comfort the Person Behind You
  12. Looking for Perpetua
  13. Going Underground
  14. We'll See How Brave You Are...
    The Night Girl Starts Over
  15. Whither Self-Publishing (and Fan Fiction)
  16. News
  17. Nocturnal Revisions
  18. Nocturnal Adaptations
  19. สัตว์ใต้ท้องทะเลThe Waiting Game
  20. The Night Girl: Internal vs. External Dialogue
  21. Echoes and Fingerprints
  22. Look! Look!
  23. The Night Girl: Fergus' Story and the Human Door
  24. The Night Girl: Perpetua's Story
  25. The Night Girl: Earthenhouse's Story
  26. The Names of Things V
    When Isaac Became Simon, and Vice Versa
  27. Contemplating Failure
  28. The Day Boy Begins
  29. The Night Girl Book Trailer
  30. Behind the Scenes in Toronto's Financial District
  31. How to Write a Book in Ten Days
  32. Towards a New Point of View
  33. The Night Girl's First Lost Scene
  34. Where I am Today (metaphorically speaking)
  35. "Fear Me. I Control the Mighty Black Olive"
  36. Brief Comments on Where My Life is Today
  37. Wrestling with Glorfindel II: Three Makes a Crowd
  38. Is Less More?
  39. The River of Humanity
  40. Perpetua at the Bus Terminal
  41. Works in Progress
  42. The Dream King's Daughter: My Fifth Novel
  43. Top Ten Signs You're Reading Something by James Bow
  44. The Night Girl: My Fourth Novel
  45. Night Girl: 44,608
    Plain Kate: 44,611
  46. The Earth Movers
  47. The Night Girl Passes 40,000 Words
  48. The Night Girl Passes Plain Kate, Gains Soundtrack
  49. The Night Girl Passes 30,000 Words
  50. The Night Girl Passes 27,000 Words
  51. Doctor Who is Back!
  52. Perpetua Gets Suspicious
  53. The Night Girl Passes 20,000 Words
  54. The Rise of the Machines
  55. The Night Girl, the Next Morning
  56. Reviving the Night Girl's Spirits
  57. When Goblins Attack
  58. Perpetua and the Lives of the Saints
  59. The Night Girl - A New Beginning
  60. Taxes / Wired Fergus / Probation Period
  61. First Night on the Job
  62. Perpetua Underground
  63. The Night Girl - Conversations With Mother
  64. Night Moves / Young City First Draft Finished
  65. A Character Meme With Audience Participation
  66. Wasn't that a Party?
  67. Rekindling the Writing Bug
  68. Viktoria Baxter - The Night Girl
  69. The Young City at 31050