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  1. On Facing the News
  2. Outrage Overload
  3. When Doves Cry
  4. Oculus
  5. How Stupid People Threaten the World
  6. Remembering
  7. Two Steps Forward...
  8. The Rise of Libertarianism
  9. The Attack of the Narratives
  10. Marijuana is Legal in Oregon
  11. Making Method Out of the US Primary Madness
  12. Arkansas Passes Law to Put Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in the Same Room to Let Them Duke it Out.
  13. The Fall of Fred Phelps
  14. The Hammer to Crack the Peanut
  15. It's the Tea Party Republicans' Fault
  16. The Story of the Mall that Committed Suicide
  17. The Insanity Behind the Gun
  18. Democracy is Coming to the USA
  19. You're Flying Mitt Air
  20. A Question of Marketing
  21. News You Do Not Want to Print...
  22. The Media Biases Towards Fear
  23. Catapults Brought Into War on Drugs
  24. On the Attempted Assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
  25. What They Have. What We Have. What They Could Have
  26. Yes, You Did
  27. The Unchristians, Part 2
  28. Small Observations on America
  29. On a Failure of School Officials
  30. Artificial Lightning in Philadelphia
  31. Handouts to Me is My Right. Handouts to Other People is Wonton Socialism.
  32. Stupidity in the Health Care Debate
  33. Regional Differences
  34. The McDonalds in Bronzeville
  35. The Upside of Down
  36. Rick Santelli Thinks Americans are Losers
  37. Quick Hits - February 23
  38. The Year of the Red Jelly Bean
  39. Vivian's third birthday and Halloween
  40. Canadians Pay Lower Income Taxes Than Americans
  41. Quick Hits -- September 29
  42. Gutter Politics and Teenage Sexuality
  43. Ye Olde Parties: 307
    The Greens: 1
  44. Quick Hits -- August 30
  45. Our Sanctimonious Government
  46. On Civility and Murder
  47. The New Conservative Federal Deficit Begins?
  48. Travel Daze
  49. Whither Hillary?
  50. If I Were Hillary Clinton...
  51. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
  52. Democracy Walks
  53. Nebraskans Now Know What Iowans Feel Like; South Dakotans Still Jealous
  54. Hmm...
  55. Remembering the Canary
  56. I am an Obama Man
  57. The Protest Process
  58. The Fall of Fred Phelps?
  59. The Quintessence of Political Vitriol
  60. Night Girl: 44,608
    Plain Kate: 44,611
  61. The Next Waco or Jonestown?
  62. There is Writing, and then there is *Writing*
  63. I'm Just Talking About Washington, Man!
  64. The Real DC?
  65. The Icons of Washington
  66. Hello Pennsylvania, Hello Maryland
  67. When Chicago is Irish
  68. What War on Christmas?
  69. The Marketplace of Ideas Sells us Lemons
  70. A Bit of Blog Criticism...
  71. A Bad Month for Conservatives
  72. Paul Burgess Hates Americans
  73. The Court Jesters Speak the Truth
  74. Mayday! Mayday! (Quick Hits for May 1st)
  75. Writing News
  76. Quick Hits - January 17
  77. The UnChristians
  78. Another to the List of People Whose Hand I Want to Shake
  79. Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004)
  80. Driving Advice
  81. Praying for Texas
  82. A Canadian Blogger in Virtual Texas
  83. The Battle of New Orleans
  84. You're Welcome
  85. Uh, Oh.
  86. When the Saints Go Marching In
  87. Remembering Hurricane Juan
  88. We are Powerless in the Face of Nature
  89. Fingers Crossed
  90. Pray For New Orleans
  91. Milk: It Does Bilingualism Good
  92. On the Arrest of Mark Emery
  93. The War is Over. Let the Struggle Begin.
  94. Quick Hits, Quick Comments
  95. Love is Blindness
  96. Respect the Flag. Allow it to be Burnt.
  97. The Beauty of America is in its Food
  98. Late Night
  99. Where the Bough Breaks (Libertarians vs. Social Conservatives)
  100. Know Your Opposition
  101. Eating in America ("I [don't] feel [so] good!").
  102. The Logic of Intolerance
  103. Scott Peterson and the American Media
  104. Summing Up Canada/US Relations
  105. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  106. Fox News: Utterly Without Merit
  107. Who is the Greatest American?
  108. Is This the New Face of the Daleks?
  109. New Look?
  110. Towards a National Reconciliation
  111. Hope For Weston
  112. How Boston Reversed the Curse?
  113. Kent Mansley, I Work For The Government...
  114. Crossfire Gets Blown Away
  115. Carnival of the Vanities CIX
  116. Canada's Surprising Prosperity III:
    Is Taxing Consumption Key?
  117. Canada's Surprising Prosperity II:
    Are Balanced Budgets More Important than Tax Cuts?
  118. Canada's Surprising Prosperity: What's Our Secret?
  119. Americans Need to Take a Deep Breath II
  120. Americans Need to Take a Deep Breath
  121. A Sample of Things I Didn't Know
  122. "OCAP Setting a Poor Example"
  123. Surprise! It Changed Nothing.
  124. Welcome to the Echo Chamber
  125. The Sadness of Engineers is Knowledge
  126. Movable Type 3.1 Reviewed
  127. Intriguing
  128. God Is On No One's Side in Politics
  129. Memo to FEMA
  130. And the Secret Code to Disable the Defence Shield Is... Is... 1-2-3-4-5
  131. I Predict We're About One Month From the Hair-Pulling, Eye Gouging Stage of the American Election
  132. We Have Met the Enemy And He Is...
  133. Four More Years?
  134. As If the United States Doesn't Have Enough to Worry About...
  135. Another Thought on Kerry's Acceptance Speech
  136. The Mechanics of Democracy
  137. D'Oh!
  138. The Glorious Paradox that is America
  139. Before We Were Interrupted...
  140. Blind Faith in the Face of Facts
  141. Some Speech is Freer than Others
  142. It Makes You Want to Shake Someone
  143. Red Room! Red Room!
  144. Why the Bush Administration Deserves Defeat V
  145. Why the Bush Administration Deserves Defeat IV
  146. Why the Bush Administration Deserves Defeat III
  147. Why the Bush Administration Deserves Defeat II - Polarizing America
  148. Why the Bush Administration Deserves Defeat
  149. สัตว์ใต้ท้องทะเลAmericans Discover Curling
  150. Line of the Night
  151. How Dewey Defeated Truman
  152. New Year Resolutionaries
  153. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream...
  154. Farewell 2003
  155. A Night on the Town
  156. What Friends Are For
  157. Tech Drooling and More
  158. Juliet is Bleeding
  159. Izzy Asper Dead at 71
  160. Fear of Dishevelled Strangers
  161. Reptilian Kitten-Eaters are People Too!
  162. The Moment I Realized I'd Left Reality and Was Now a Resident of Cloudcookooland III
  163. Two Years Ago Today
  164. Notes on my Desk
  165. The Horror of McDonalds in New Orleans
  166. Did they Listen to my Review?
  167. Random Points for August 24
  168. Coming Out of the Deep Freeze
  169. Hoo Boy, Our New Moron:
  170. If You Think Smoking is Hazardous to Your Health...
  171. We're All a Bunch of Morons!!
  172. Do You Know What You Are Doing?
  173. Bush and the Remnants of Lili
  174. I remember.
  175. In Ann Arbor, Now
  176. Happy 135th Birthday, Canada
  177. This Place is Cursed! No, really, it is!