Four on the Floor!

Ian was kind enough to tag me with yet another meme that’s sweeping the Canadian blogosphere. I’m supposed to list four things about myself in a number of categories. Sounds like fun. So, here goes:

Four Vehicles I Have Owned

  1. The most recent vehicle is one we bought just about a week ago, a 2005 Hyundai Elantra that will ferry Vivian up to Erin’s work so that mother and daughter can do lunch. As I’ve already commented, the car illustrates how car-oriented Kitchener-Waterloo remains, though I appreciate the ability to go out of town on a Saturday afternoon with Erin and Vivian to write in a coffee shop somewhere. This car has been named Lance. Lance the Elantra.
  2. The only other car we’ve owned is a 1991 Ford Escort, gifted to us by our father-in-law and dragged across the border in a three-day-long bureaucratic process that cost us $2000. I personally had to stay with friends in Michigan for three days (which I didn’t mind, actually) while U.S. Customs officials made sure the car wasn’t stolen before they cleared it for export. Then, crossing the border, I had to report it immediately to the Canadian Customs officials and stood in line for about two hours in order to pay GST and a freon excise tax. Then the Province of Ontario got involved with safety checks before they would give me a lice