afterglow of sex

Sex and Love

Love and sex or let’s say sex and love, what is the usual take and concept of people about the two? Is there a distinction on the understanding and feelings about sex compared to love? People often mistake the act of sex as love. They seem to understand that...


Do girls love older men?

Do girls really love older men? That is the question a lot of my male friends have been asking me for the longest time. The subject is alo kind of being deliberately ignored by my female friends but I am sure it has also entered their mind. I haven’t...


Loving Men

We women are picky and and not so in a rush to enter into a relationship. At least from most of my friends, we agree that having a relationship is so important that rushing into things is not a wise move. We need to go slow and take it...

girls having a chat

Women Talk about Men

It’s  nagging question from all guys out there and I believe it is always on the top of their head whenever they saw a couple of women talking deep about a topic they are really interested. What does women talk about when there is no men around, especially if...


Sexy and Hot

Girls, ladies and women, whatever you may call them, they are still the same. They are the better half of the human race. Men are considered as the weaker sex, although physically it can be debatable. T The female species is considered as mentally stimulated in terms of sex,...

shopping for clothes

A Girl’s Favorite Outfit

I once had a girlfriend who loves to shop. She really takes time to plan when and where to shop, especially for clothes. Although it will always be a strain for me to go with her, since I am not the usual female who loves to go around and...


Women are Unpredictable

Women are unpredictable is maybe an understatement. Girls, ladies or women are the most unreadable, incomprehensible and most volatile creatures I have ever known. I’m sure if anyone reading this who has ever had a girlfriend or a wife, will surely agree with me, that women are most of...


What A Girl Wants

Girls are a unique being. They have their weird character and attitude. They don’t have a master plan of supposed reactions, wants and regular attitude that we can base ur actions with. It is said the most of the time storms, typhoons and cyclones are named after female names...

writing girl

Hello There

Hi, my name is Barbara and I am starting my own blog. Hope you can check me out here. I’m so excited. Stay close!